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Sticker: Flight Levels Introduction Workshop
  • Online Self-Paced Course on the fundamentals of Flight Levels.
  • Are you currently experiencing an unsuccessful, inefficient digital and/or agile transformation? Are you leading a transformation that you would like to succeed?

We explore the most common mistakes, their causes, and show how you can avoid these problems and be successful.

While there are common patterns, every company is different, and the difference matters. We can help you see the opportunity in the challenge by focusing attention and asking a lot of helpful questions.

What Matters to Us!

Why LEANability

We primarily work beyond team boundaries with tribes, departments, products, or the entire organization. Together, we determine the right flight level for your success.

  • System thinking instead of local optimization
  • Agile interaction instead of agile islands
  • Outcome instead of output
  • Purpose instead of dogma
Target Audience

Anyone who is fed up with endless dependencies and slow deliveries. Team Leads, Managers, Agile Coaches, Department Heads, Product Owners.

Target Context

Curious about Flight Levels? Unsure where to start? As preparation for one of our advanced workshops.

Content Overview

  • Introduction
  • Why Flight Levels?
  • The Search for Causes
  • First Solutions
  • How Flight Levels works
  • How and where to get started

Each section takes between 20 and 40 minutes. You will need approximately 3 to 6 hours for this course in total.

We recommend taking several time slots and reflecting on the exercises with colleagues.

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What comes next?

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