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22.02.2021 - Klaus Leopold

Group work in the Flight Levels workshop – even more effective with scheduling!

Compared to “physical training”, our online workshops have an incredible added value: Because they extend over four half-days, there is time in between to deal with the newly learned knowledge and its relevance for your situation. Now, the reality is always much more interesting and instructive than a constructed example. Therefore, in the workshop, we […]

02.07.2020 - Katrin Dietze

Purchasing Power Parity Prices

As of July 1, 2020 , we’re offering adjusted fair pricing based on where you live, for all online workshops. Our aim is to make workshops more accessible to all folks around the world, regardless of where they live, or how their economic situation looks. Today, We’re starting by removing some pricing obstacles that prevent […]

01.01.2020 - Klaus Leopold

Lean Business Agility E039: Flight Levels at Bosch Power Tools

 In this episode, I talk to Carmen Knippenberg and Jochen Goeser from Bosch Power Tools about their agile transformation and the role of the Flight Levels in it. I think it’s great that at Bosch PT agility is not limited to the team level, but that all levels of the organization are involved. Business […]

15.11.2019 - Klaus Leopold

What gets done at which Flight Level?

What gets done at which Flight Level and what should be happening at that flight level? We encounter this question over and over. This is partly due to how we use terms like “strategy”, “strategy operationalization”, end-to-end coordination, etc. There is nothing worse than creating confusion by using inconsistent and undefined terms. This article will […]

13.10.2019 - System User

Who shall be the voice of the Rethinking Agile audio book?

[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]We are currently in the process of bringing Rethinking Agile to the audio world. We have already pre-selected three possible voices and want your help by selecting the final one. Please listen to the samples below and select one of the speakers in the form and send us what you think! If you would […]

08.09.2019 - Klaus Leopold

Rethinking Agile – Ebook

It happened after all – there is an electronic version of the book Rethinking Agile. We have long resisted publishing an ebook because we believe that the print version is simply unbeatable. Rethinking Agile is a fully illustrated book that lives from the beautiful illustrations of Matthias Seifert and the excellent layout by Mario Simon-Horr. […]

04.08.2019 - Klaus Leopold

Agile at Scale – Reality is complex, don’t expect simple solutions

I really liked the episode “Agile at Scale – Reality is complex, don’t expect simple solutions” of the bol.com Techlab Podcast. Peter Brouwers discusses with Jorien Brangert and Hessel de Gelder about their 10-year journey to make the company agile. At the start there were seven Scrum teams and today 150 teams work with each […]

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