|08 Sep 2019|Klaus Leopold

Rethinking Agile – Ebook


It happened after all – there is an electronic version of the book Rethinking Agile. We have long resisted publishing an ebook because we believe that the print version is simply unbeatable. Rethinking Agile is a fully illustrated book that lives from the beautiful illustrations of Matthias Seifert and the excellent layout by Mario Simon-Horr. Especially the layout gets completely lost in an ebook. But the number of requests for an ebook didn’t decrease – we even had a ready-made answer in our ticketing system – and that’s why we thought, “Whatever, let’s do it”. The offer:
Kindle-Version on Amazon in many different countries (US UK DE FR ES IT NL JP BR CA MX AU IN) for about €9,99

As an introductory bonus, there’s also a coupon that allows you to receive the Leanpub Bundle for only $19.99. The coupon is valid until 15 September 2019. A very good offer!
In the next weeks we will publish the German version as an Ebook. Many thanks to Marina Grosser, who produced the ebook and of course to Dolores Omann, who coordinated the text!

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