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LEANability Blended Coaching

You want to ...

  • design a Flight Level 2 system for your work context?
  • make strategy happen with a Flight Level 3 system?
  • establish company-wide collaboration without a major reorganization with Flight Levels Systems Architecture?

Discover the power of Blended Coaching at LEANability: We combine tailored self-learning courses with personal coaching to help you not only understand but also successfully implement change. Take the first step towards a practical and sustainable transformation!

Blended Coaching

The perfect combination

Why LEANability Blended Coaching?
Self-learning courses

Learn at your own pace and apply what you've learned directly in your work life.

Individual Coaching

Benefit from the experience of our Flight Levels Guides and Coaches, who provide practical tips and feedback on your implementation.

  • Be the pilot of your change: You are at the center with us. We support you with our expertise, but you shape the change.
  • Ownership and engagement: Shape the change yourself and build a strong connection to your new way of working – for more engagement and success.
  • Sustainable change: Our method ensures that change is deeply rooted in the company and does not only provide short-term solutions.
  • Tailored solutions: Every company is different. With us, you will find solutions specifically tailored to your challenges.

How it works

Blended Coaching at LEANability
Your goals in focus
  • Goal definition: We start with clarifying your goals that you want to achieve. Because with us, you are at the center.
  • Personal approach: Every path is unique. We take the time to understand your needs and goals precisely.
Your individual Blended Coaching package
Active learning and application
Coaching sessions - Expert advice for your practice
Choose what suits you:

Our Blended Coaching Packages

At LEANability, we understand that every learning need is unique. That's why we have developed flexible Blended Coaching packages that adapt to your individual requirements.
The 3er Package

For Explorer

3 Licenses for self-learning course
2 Hours professional coaching

Ideal for small groups looking to explore how Flight Levels® could be used in the company.

The 4er Package

For Designer

4 Licenses for self-learning course
3 Hours intensive coaching

Perfect for groups planning to introduce Flight Levels® in their own company context.

The 5er Package

For Transformers

5 Licenses for self-learning course
4 Hours comprehensive coaching

Ideal for groups looking to take off with Flight Levels® in a complex corporate environment.

Flexibility is key at LEANability. Do you need more licenses or additional coaching hours? No problem! We offer the possibility to individually purchase additional licenses for the self-learning course and coaching hours. Contact us, and we will help you put together the perfect package for your needs.

Start today!

Take your future into your own hands

Choose Blended Coaching from LEANability today and take the first step towards a sustainable and successful future for you and your company.
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Introduction to Flight Levels

Sticker: Flight Levels Introduction Workshop

With this online introductory workshop, you can choose your own learning pace. First, you'll analyze why companies, despite ambitious agile transformation programs, are unable to sustainably improve their performance. Then, you'll thoroughly get to know the functioning of the Flight Levels concept as the missing link between team agility and true business agility.

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The Flight Levels Introduction Workshop is a product of Flight Levels GmbH.

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