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Implementing Flight Levels Strategy
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Sticker: Flight Level 3 Design Workshop
  • Is your strategy lying dormant in a PowerPoint presentation and hasn't seen the light of day?
  • Are you investing a lot of time in creating OKRs but have very little time left for actual work?
  • Do you have a strategy for the next three years, but it seems that the reality of work for employees is far from the strategy?

This workshop helps you bring your strategy to life, and we can assist you. We'll show you how to build your own Flight Level 3 system - customized for your company context.

What Matters to Us!

Why LEANability

We primarily work beyond team boundaries with tribes, departments, products, or the entire organization. Together, we determine the right flight level for your success.

  • System thinking instead of local optimization
  • Agile interaction instead of agile islands
  • Outcome instead of output
  • Purpose instead of dogma
Target Audience

Product Owners, Product Managers, Middle and Senior Managers, Portfolio Managers, Agile Coaches

Target Context

Strategy Implementation, Strategic Portfolio Management

Content Overview

  • You'll learn how to break down multi-year strategic goals into concrete activities in the next weeks.
  • We'll also show you how to measure the progress of your strategic work and establish continuous improvement loops to be agile in the market regarding strategy.
  • Using board patterns and use cases, you'll see how other companies successfully implement their strategy with Flight Level 3.
  • Build on what already works well in your company and map your existing strategy tools to Flight Levels so you can achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.
  • We'll show you how to establish effective meetings where important and relevant topics are discussed briefly and decisively, enabling smart decision-making.
  • You'll learn how to bring your Flight Level 3 strategy board to life.
This workshop is certified by the Flight Levels Academy. Participants will receive a "Certificate of Completion" from the Flight Levels Academy upon successful completion of the workshop.

The knowledge imparted in the Flight Levels 2 Design Workshop (FL2D) is a fundamental requirement if you wish to become a certified Flight Levels Coach.

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Our Clients

and what they say:

Very pragmatic concept with strong practical relevance. The interactive training sessions to introduce the Flight Levels approach are highly recommended!

Katharina Schibli, Migros Bank AG

Super training - clear concepts, well presented and interactive. Highly recommended!

Christophe Makni, Migros Bank AG

The Flight Level 3 Design course was brilliant. The course is hands-on and provides immediately applicable knowledge. The Flight Levels Guide® offered a very good mix of theory, sound experience and humor, which makes the course extremely enjoyable and entertaining. Interactive elements, such as live discussions and exercises on real cases, ensure active participation and valuable conversations with other participants and deeper understanding. An excellent investment. Thank you!

Christian Tilgner, Unite Services GmbH & Co. KG

I left the training with an incredible amount of ideas and impulses for my daily work with customers - chapeau!

Sven Röpstorff, kommitment GmbH & Co. KG

The training was so practical that I was able to optimize the existing Flight Level 3 Board together with the stakeholders in my current context. Engaging, intense, value-adding! Thank you!

Sebastian Böhme, Bosch Engineering GmbH

Excellently delivered and packed with inspiration for a pragmatic approach to managing strategy! Flight Levels thinking model at it's best ;-)

Micha Müller, MHP GmbH

An entertaining workshop that helps to close the gap between strategy and operational implementation. With many impulses, eye-openers and tools that can be directly transferred into practice. Thank you!

Felix Ott, DATEV eG

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