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We are LEANability

Even for the most successful of companies, the world is spinning faster and faster – continuous improvements are becoming more and more important as well as more and more time sensitive. LEANability would like to work together with you to find the best possible leverage to make your deliveries, prioritization or predictions a little better every day. To do this, we work at team level or even across teams together with the entire company depending upon the situation. Together we will reach the ideal flight level. At the heart, there will be Kanban and its principles for help – but that is by far not all.

What we do

Klaus Leopold sets international standards with his trainings. Theory is good, but it is so much better when theory can be immediately applied to daily practices. This is exactly what all LEANability trainings adhere to. From beginners to advanced level.

LEANability means lean consulting. We differ dramatically from classic consulting firms who have the motto to sell “as many days of consultation as possible”. Our approach is quite clear “as many as necessary” and no more. It is all about your success!

With “Kanban Change Leadership”, Klaus Leopold and Sigi Kaltenecker have created a standard work for the topic of Kanban. Our books are written with the clear goal of practical application constantly in mind so that you can optimally transfer the knowledge gained to practical situations.

For years now, Klaus Leopold has been speaking at the most renowned Lean and Kanban conferences. His topic portfolio is all about working effectively on everything from technical aspects to general topics. He would be more than happy to do the same at your company’s next event!


 LEANability is your best choice as a training provider – Theory is good, transformation in practise even better is our motto. 


LEANability is…

LEANability is the vision of Katrin Dietze and Klaus Leopold to bring the customer further independently in perfect cooperation from the very start. To do this, Katrin Dietze will talk with you beforehand to discuss context, problems and needs. Klaus Leopold, Kanban pioneer, practitioner, book author and speaker will then work out the relevant topics with you on-site.

  • Thematic leadership
  • Kanban Pioneers
  • LKU Founding Member
  • Brickell Key Award honoree
  • Practical relevance
  • Customer focused
  • Delight in good work
  • Viennese charms 😉

Our commitment

LEANability brings changes to a pragmatic and laser-sharp point. We do not measure our success by the number of consultation days, but rather by our effect on your company. During the project, we will continuously view you as the acting party. Our coaching starts where you start searching for solutions. Our trainings will put you on the fastest track to becoming your own problem solver.