The WIP-Game

What is TWiG

“TWiG – The WiP Game” is a lightweight Simulation of a WIP limited pull system like, e.g. Kanban. In contrast to more elaborate simulations, it is a simple way to let the players get an idea of working in a WiP limited system. TWiG is not designed as a learning tool. You already need to know the basics behind WiP limited pull systems in order to play it. The required playing time is only around 90 minutes. TWiG is inspired by the simplicity of Featureban and the charming, event-driven getKanbanWhen should TWiG be used? TWiG is not a learning simulation. Basic knowledge of WIP-limited systems is required. It is best to use TWiG at the end of a training session in order to simulate the knowledge learned in practice. It is also great as a starter for the topic of metrics.


The latest version is 1.5. The simulation consists of at least two files: – TWiG 1.5 CORE – ALL LANGUAGES: This file must always be downloaded. – TWiG 1.5 _language_: The language file for your favorite language which must also be downloaded