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Choosing LEANability as a training partner is definitely the right choice. LEANability offers training tours around the world, even in times of COVID-19, but online. All online training is precisely adapted for this format and has its own advantages. Whether in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Spain, India, Thailand, or China, satisfied participants can be found everywhere. The focus of all training is one thing: theory is necessary, but practical application is most important. All training is designed so that what is learned can be applied in practice the next day. Find out how other companies implement agility, Flight Levels, and Kanban - our trainers actively bring in real, firsthand practical examples into the training to quickly apply the knowledge.

Strategy and Application

Build your Flight Levels System
Sticker: Flight Level 2 Design Workshop
Flight Level 2 Design
Cross-team Collaboration with Flight Levels in Product, Project, and Service Environments
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Sticker: Flight Level 3 Design Workshop
Flight Level 3 Design
Implementing Flight Levels Strategy
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Enterprise-wide Collaboration

Support organization-wide change with Flight Levels
Sticker: Flight Levels System Architecture Workshop
Flight Levels
Systems Architecture
Connect all your Flight Levels and establish Enterprise Flow
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Sticker: Flight Levels Change Leadership Workshop
Flight Levels
Change Leadership
Create an environment for sustainable improvements with Flight Levels in your organization
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Introduction to Flight Levels

Sticker: Flight Levels Introduction Workshop

With this online introductory workshop, you can choose your own learning pace. First, you'll analyze why companies, despite ambitious agile transformation programs, are unable to sustainably improve their performance. Then, you'll thoroughly get to know the functioning of the Flight Levels concept as the missing link between team agility and true business agility.

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The Flight Levels Introduction Workshop is a product of Flight Levels GmbH.

What Matters to Us!

Why LEANability

We primarily work beyond team boundaries with tribes, departments, products, or the entire organization. Together, we determine the right flight level for your success.

  • System thinking instead of local optimization
  • Agile interaction instead of agile islands
  • Outcome instead of output
  • Purpose instead of dogma
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The Next Flight Level

Dive deeper into the world of Flight Levels. With the Premium Add-Ons from the Flight Levels Academy, you'll gain a deeper insight into specific areas. As a partner of the Flight Levels Academy, we can offer you these specialized courses directly.

Data-Driven Improvement

Learn how to use data to drive team and organization performance with Troy Magennis

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Dependency Management

Discover your dependencies and learn how to manage them with Flight Levels

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This Premium Add-Ons are products of Flight Levels GmbH.
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