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Sticker: Flight Levels Change Leadership Workshop

To successfully take your organization to flight, you need more than just technically sound visualization, a clear focus, and good feedback loops. You also need people who actively contribute to the desired improvement. And you need the ability to co-create an agile change flow.

Expand your skills to effectively implement Flight Level initiatives at all flight levels (2/3/FLSA).

What Matters to Us!

Why LEANability

We primarily work beyond team boundaries with tribes, departments, products, or the entire organization. Together, we determine the right flight level for your success.

  • System thinking instead of local optimization
  • Agile interaction instead of agile islands
  • Outcome instead of output
  • Purpose instead of dogma
Target Audience

Change Leaders for Flight Levels, Agile Coaches, Organizational Developers

Target Context

Shaping major improvement initiatives at all flight levels

Content Overview

  • Business Agility and Agile Change: What you need to consider to successfully lift off with your organization
  • Flight Levels Change Flow: How to agilely introduce Flight Levels and continually improve step by step
  • Building Blocks: Interactions that have proven effective in the preparation and operation of Flight Levels – from initial clarification discussions to interactive introduction workshops and sounding boards to targeted improvement workshops
  • Engagement: How to effectively mobilize and engage 30, 50, 100, or more people with a specific purpose
  • Challenges: How to ensure strong sponsorship, efficient implementation of individual improvement steps, and appropriate involvement of your key stakeholders
This workshop is certified by the Flight Levels Academy. Participants will receive a "Certificate of Completion" from the Flight Levels Academy upon successful completion of the workshop.

The knowledge imparted in the Flight Levels 2 Design Workshop (FL2D) is a fundamental requirement if you wish to become a certified Flight Levels Coach.

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