|15 Sep 2015|Klaus Leopold

Flow Exercise: Building Paper Boats


After my workshop at LKNA15 in Miami and my session at the Kanban Leadership Retreat in Austria this year, I got tons of questions regarding the boat exercise. Unfortunately, I had to disappoint all inquirer as I don’t have any instructions for the exercise. This changed, thanks to my friends Peter Hundermark, Joanne Perold, Amy Bridge, and Mike Freislich.
Peter video taped the boat exercise during one of my classes in South Africa. Then they approached all participants and asked for permission to publish it. And the result is now a video of the boat exercise, featuring Austin, Cecilia, Christina, Henk, James, Joanne, Karen, Marietjie, Mike, and Olga. Camera, sound and technics: Peter. The guy with the hat asking stupid questions is me, Klaus 😉
Thank you so much guys! I am looking very much forward seeing you in November in the Improving & Scaling Kanban training in Joburg and the Applying Kanban (Foundation) training in Cape Town.

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