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Kanban in South Africa

At the beginning of November, I once again had the pleasure of running Kanban training in South Africa. As always in cooperation with our dear friends of agile42 South Africa. “Applying Kanban” was the theme on 31 Oct – 1 Nov in Cape Town and on 3-4 Nov in Johannesburg and the name says it all: In two days, participants learned the basics of Kanban. As usual with LEANability training it is not a theoretical event, but the practical application in the workplace is the focus. The result was several Kanban systems, which the participants could start the next working day.

A very nice extra for me was to co-train with Mike Freislich and Regina Martins in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively. The cooperation was really exciting for me and we could learn a lot from each other.

And the South Africa trip was connected with a sensational supporting program: fish and wonderful wines on wine farms in Cape Town and, of course, steaks in Johannesburg. On the day of my departure I had the special pleasure of spending the afternoon in great company with my South African friends at the Groot Constantia Estate in Cape Town. Mr. Personal Kanban, Jim Benson, who was at the same time in South Africa joined us for our culinary afternoon 🙂

Folks, it was just great! I am looking forward to the next visit in May. You can already register for Applying Kanban on 22-23 May 2017 and Improving Kanban on 25-26 May 2017 in Johannesburg.

Klaus Leopold

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