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Practical Kanban – Chapter 3: Kanban at Scale

Done! The next chapter of my new book Practical Kanban is published. This 31-page chapter is all about “Kanban at Scale”. I show with a case study how Kanban was used to develop a sales platform with about 200 people involved. Then I write about what it means to scale Kanban. Kanban is inherently scalable and in the end, scaling Kanban simply means improving Kanban. At the end of the chapter there is an interview with Hans-Oliver Ruoß and Andreas Haugeneder from Bosch Automotive Electronics. They report on their journey (which I may accompany) to a learning organization and the role Kanban plays.

You can get the book on the Practical Kanban Leanpub page. The price is currently $ 12 and it increases per chapter by $ 4. Buy it before the price continues to rise!

Have fun while reading!

Klaus Leopold

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