Flight Levels Change Leadership

Lead & Facilitate change
across all your Flight Levels

Sticker Flight Level 3 Design

Change above the team level requires some different tools. Typically you are working with larger groups of people, across many different backgrounds, hierarchy levels and perspectives.

This workshop expands your toolbox for leading larger change initiatives.


Target Audience

  • Transformation Leads
  • Agile and Org Coaches
  • Facilitators
  • Org Designers

Target Context

  • You want to expand your toolbox for leading larger change initiatives


Sticker: Flight Levels Introduction

The Content at a glance

  • Business agility and agile change: What you need to consider to get your organization flying.
  • Working with large groups: How to get 30, 50, 100 or even more people moving with purpose and continually build momentum.
  • Formats of Change: Flight Level introductory workshops, Flight Level 2 Design workshop, operational kick-off, retrospective, improvement workshop
  • Agile Interactions: What forms of collaboration have proven successful and what you should consider when doing so.
  • Success Factors: Why regular Inspect & Adapt of actual change happening is essential and how the systemic loop helps you do it.
  • Special Challenges: Sparring partnership with the sponsor, co-creative work with the change team, dealing with resistance from individual stakeholders, using emotions.
  • Getting to Agreement: How to get from the first contact to a sustainable contract.


This workshop is certified by the Flight Levels Academy. After completing the workshop, participants will receive a „Certificate of Completion“ directly from Flight Levels Academy.

What is important to us

System thinking instead
of local optimization

We don’t need high-performance teams, but systems that make better performance possible.

Sense instead
of Dogma

Find the best solution for your organization – not the best framework blueprint.

Outcome instead
of output

More of anything doesn’t work anymore. It is important to deliver what achieves the best results for customers and business.

Agile interactions instead
of agile islands

The right thing happens when the right team is working on the right thing at the right time.

3 for 2 offer

For almost all trainings LEANability offers a 3 for 2 package. This means if 3 people from the same company register together in the same training, only 2 pay. Or in other words, there is a 33% discount for 3 participants on one invoice.

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