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Understanding Kanban

A comprehensive overview in just one day – What is Kanban, where can it be applied, what can it achieve? Goal: You will be able to competently assess whether or not and within which areas Kanban can be suitably applied as well as how to intelligently go about it.
Certification: Kanban Introductory Training

Applying Kanban

For 2 days, you will learn how to correctly start a Kanban system. We will recommend concrete ideas and plans before the class, but no further previous knowledge is required. Goal: You will be ready to implement Kanban within your own area.
Certification: Kanban Management Professional I – KMP I

Improving Kanban

Intensive further development of Kanban systems for advanced users. A prerequisite is practical experience. Goal: A lot of concrete steps of improvement for your own Kanban system.
Certification: Kanban Management Professional II – KMP II

LEANability Training Schedule until Summer 2017

LEANability offers public Kanban trainings for various Kanban levels and training objectives. Come and find the right training for you, follow a training track or contact us for an individual training recommendation.

2017-04-2022Kanban anwendenDeutschWienAT
2017-05-0222Kanban anwendenDeutschZürichCH
2017-05-1534Enterprise Kanban Coach Modul 1+2 von 7DeutschDüsseldorfDENoch 2 Plätze!
2017-05-1622Kanban anwendenDeutschDüsseldorfDENoch 1 Platz! Jetzt anmelden!
2017-05-1823Kanban verbessernDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2017-05-2222Applying KanbanEnglishJohannesburgZA
2017-05-2523Improving KanbanEnglishJohannesburgZA
2017-06-1223Kanban verbessernDeutschWienAT
2017-06-2222Kanban anwendenDeutschFrankfurtDE
2017-06-2634Enterprise Kanban Coach Modul 3+4 von 7DeutschDüsseldorfDENoch 2 Plätze!
2017-09-0522Kanban anwendenDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken lassen
2017-09-0723Kanban verbessernDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken lassen
2017-09-1924Enterprise Kanban Coach Modul 5 von 7DeutschDüsseldorfDENoch 2 Plätze!
2017-10-2334Enterprise Kanban Coach Modul 6+7 von 7DeutschDüsseldorfDENoch 2 Plätze!
2017-10-2622Kanban anwendenDeutschDüsseldorfDEVormerken lassen
2017-11-0122Kanban anwendenDeutschZürichCHVormerken lassen
2017-11-0922Kanban anwendenDeutschWienATVormerken lassen
2017-11-1322Kanban anwendenDeutschMünchenDEVormerken lassen
2017-12-0423Kanban verbessernDeutschZürichCHVormerken lassen
2017-12-0623Kanban verbessernDeutschWienATVormerken lassen
2018-01-1022Kanban anwendenDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken lassen
2018-01-2322Kanban anwendenDeutschBerlinDEVormerken lassen
2018-01-2522Kanban anwendenDeutschHamburgDEVormerken lassen

  • All of the training dates described here are public trainings. Would you like to hold a training for your company, at your convenience and on-site? Then just let us know.
  • You want to see where we did trainings in the past? Here is the list >