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Be ahead of time and learn today what others will only read in our books in a few years!

If you choose LEANability as your training partner, you are definitely not doing anything wrong. Klaus Leopold tours the world with his training courses. Whether Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Spain, India, Thailand or China, you will meet fully satisfied training participants everywhere. 

In all training sessions the main focus is on one thing:
Theory is necessary, but practical application is the most important factor. 

All training courses are designed so that what you learn can be put into practice the next day. Experience how other companies implement agility and Kanban – Klaus brings a lot of self-experienced practical examples into the training, so that knowledge quickly turns into own applications.

  • "I came with some working knowledge of Kanban yet Klaus managed to add deeper layers of understanding for me. And this is just the foundation class!"

    Jeff Au, MYOB, Kuala Lumpur, MY
  • "Before the training you think you basically know the method to manage your teams work; you leave the training and start to understand how powerful Kanban is in identifying the right decisions for your whole business."

    Florian Junglas, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, DE
  • Knowledge-busting, mind-bending, exciting, enjoyable, practical, sensible - plain down awesome! A great course to be on!

    Yusuf Desai, Derivco, Durban, ZA
  • "These sessions have opened possibilities and provided keys to open doors in my world! Practical, simple and exciting. Confidence! Thank you!"

    Cecilia Lehmann, Standard Bank, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "Great! This training sets the base and certainty to start running a changing system!"

    Matthias Schröder, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Hamburg, DE
  • "Absolutely enlightening!"

    Gert Brits, Derivco, Durban, ZA
  • "Kanban at its best!"

    Lukas Schmidt, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, DE
  • "Mindblowing! Now I know, that there is more than "just" simulate data to forecast!"

    Mathias Schröder, Kühne + Nagel, Hamburg, DE

Our Training Courses

Flight Levels | FLT

Those who limit agility to the team level suboptimize the entire organization. In the Flight Levels Training you will learn how to establish agility company-wide and thus achieve business agility. Apply all exercises directly to your own business context!
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Applying Kanban | KMP I

For two days you will learn how to build a kanban system correctly. Bring along your specific work context or an already existing system and work on a reality context. Goal: You are fit for an implementation in your own area.
Certificate: Kanban Management Professional I (KMP I)

Flight Level Coach | FLC

In 4 sessions of 3 days we offer answers to the question of how to develop from an agile practitioner to a “Flight Level Coach” who promotes business agility throughout the entire organization. A balanced combination of technical and process know-how that you need as an enterprise coach.

Kanban verbessern | KMP II

Intensive development of Kanban systems for advanced users. Prerequisite is practical experience. Content: A lot of concrete improvement steps for your own Kanban system, Kanban on a large scale, metrics and forecasting. Certificate: Kanban Management Professional – KMP II

The LEANability Training Calendar until mid 2019

LEANability offers public Kanban trainings for different Kanban levels and training goals. Find the training you need, follow a training path or contact us for an individual training recommendation.

2019-09-2321Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2019-09-2522Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2019-09-2622Flight LevelsEnglishLondonUKSold out!
2019-10-0922Flight LevelsDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DESold out!
2019-10-1434Flight Levels Coach – T1/4DeutschWienATSold out!
2019-10-2121Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2019-10-2822Flight LevelsEnglishSao PauloBRBook on our partners website!
2019-10-2821Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschZürichCH
2019-11-0722Flight LevelsDeutschHamburgDEWaiting list!
2019-11-1132Flight Levels Metrics specialEnglishDüsseldorfDE
2019-11-1421Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DE
2019-11-2521Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2019-11-2722Flight LevelsEnglishBangkokTH
2019-11-2722Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2019-12-0334Flight Levels Coach – T2/4DeutschKölnDESold out!
2019-12-0321Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschLeipzigDE
2019-12-0921Applying Kanban | KMP IEnglishFrankfurt a.M.DE
2019-12-1122Improving Kanban | KMP IIEnglishFrankfurt a.M.DE
2019-12-1822Flight LevelsDeutschMünchenDEWaiting list!
2020-01-1321Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2020-01-2021Flight Levels Building Systems | FL-BDeutschWienATVormerken bitte!
2020-01-2232Flight Levels Management special | FL-ADeutschWienAT
2020-01-2822Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschDüsseldorfDE
2020-01-3022Flight Levels Architecture | FL-ADeutschDüsseldorfDE
2020-02-0534Flight Levels Coach – T3/4DeutschDüsseldorfDESold out!
2020-02-1721Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschZürichCHVormerken bitte!
2020-02-2022Flight Levels Architecture | FL-AEnglishFort LauderdaleUSPls update me!
2020-03-1222Flight Levels Architecture | FL-ADeutschZürichCH
2020-03-2321Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken bitte!
2020-03-2534Flight Levels Coach – T4/4DeutschWienATSold out!
2020-03-2522Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken bitte!
2020-03-3122Flight Levels Architecture | FL-ADeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken bitte!
2020-04-0222Flight Levels Building Systems | FL-BDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken bitte!
2020-04-2021Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschLeipzigDEVormerken bitte!
2020-04-2221Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschMünchenDEVormerken bitte!
2020-04-2722Flight Levels Architecture | FL-ADeutschDüsseldorfDEVormerken bitte!
2020-04-2922Flight Levels Building Systems | FL-BDeutschDüsseldorfDEVormerken bitte!
2020-05-0421Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschDüsseldorfDEVormerken bitte!
2020-05-2622Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschDüsseldorfDEVormerken bitte!
2020-06-1521Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken bitte!
2020-06-1621Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschDresdenDEVormerken bitte!
2020-06-1722Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DEVormerken bitte!
2020-06-2921Kanban anwenden | KMP IDeutschZürichCHVormerken bitte!
2020-07-0122Kanban verbessern | KMP IIDeutschZürichCHVormerken bitte!