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The ART of Lean Business Agility

From DB systel’s Skydeck one has a stunning view all over Frankfurt. Even more stunning for me was what was going on on the Skydeck itself on March 20th. After an “Improving Kanban”-Training during the day I had the pleasure to give a talk on Lean Business Agility at the Agile Round Table (ART) of DB systel. A few weeks earlier: Only a few hours after the talk had been announced, tickets were sold out. First the quota of tickets was increased to 100, then 150 – due to security reasons it wasn’t possible to offer more. So finally a conference call to Berlin was installed to offer some more interested people the possibility to attend the talk.

The Agile Round Table of DB systel is an open forum for agile practitioners and interested folks. Also, people from all over the company gather here for exchanging insights about projects and listening to talks like mine for learning something new that keeps them thinking about next steps. So the ART is also a tool for developing a new company culture. Just like at my talk at AXA in Bangkok a few weeks ago, I was fascinated by the fact that the top management attended the talk as well and were looking for inspiration. In many conversations I realize that managers become aware of their role in an agile context. Concepts like my flight levels model help them to understand how they can match their responsibility for strategic decisions with the momentum of agile grassroot movements within the company. It shows them how to establish feedback loops between different layers of the organization. So finally these are cultural initiatives – as the ART of DB systel shows. On the feedback whiteboards someone wrote: “Some more, please.” Well – with pleasure!

There was also a lot going on on Twitter:

Thanks to Angelika Zelosko for the gorgeous pics!!

One Week in Bangkok

The wedding of one of Katrin’s friends in Thailand five years ago started it all. „Given the fact that we travel to Thailand anyway – why not also try to organize a training over there?“, we thought. We tried to organize the first two trainings on our own but luckily we met Kulawat Pom Wongsaroj and Kamon Treetampinji. Since the third training they support us a lot with their local know-how and have become very dear friends. Kulawat an Kamon run their own consulting company “Lean in Consulting” and are committed members of the Thai Agile Community. With their help, trainings in Bangkok have become a yearly highlight in my training schedule. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting for the fifth time, and it was an entire week of training!


Well, I can tell: There’s a lot going on in Thailand kanbanwise! Besides “Applying Kanban” I gave my training “Improving Kanban” for the first time over there. Both trainings were sold out and additionally, I had been invited to talk about “Lean Business Agility” in front of about 100 attendees at the Agile Bangkok Meetup which was held in the impressive G-shaped tower auf AXA-Life. I very much enjoyed the interesting discussions and conversations afterwards.


Apart from the fact that it is much warmer in Thailand than in snowy Austria, it once again simply made a lot of fun. On top of that, it especially came to my attention that a lot of middle and top managers from a wide range of companies – from oil companies to hotel groups – attended my trainings this time. Even the CTO and COO of AXA-Life learned how to apply and improve Kanban! A huge „Thank you“ to Kulawat and Kamon for their support in preparing and carrying out this special training week! I’m already looking forward to my stay in Thailand in 2018!

Kanban in South Africa

At the beginning of November, I once again had the pleasure of running Kanban training in South Africa. As always in cooperation with our dear friends of agile42 South Africa. “Applying Kanban” was the theme on 31 Oct – 1 Nov in Cape Town and on 3-4 Nov in Johannesburg and the name says it all: In two days, participants learned the basics of Kanban. As usual with LEANability training it is not a theoretical event, but the practical application in the workplace is the focus. The result was several Kanban systems, which the participants could start the next working day.

A very nice extra for me was to co-train with Mike Freislich and Regina Martins in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively. The cooperation was really exciting for me and we could learn a lot from each other.

And the South Africa trip was connected with a sensational supporting program: fish and wonderful wines on wine farms in Cape Town and, of course, steaks in Johannesburg. On the day of my departure I had the special pleasure of spending the afternoon in great company with my South African friends at the Groot Constantia Estate in Cape Town. Mr. Personal Kanban, Jim Benson, who was at the same time in South Africa joined us for our culinary afternoon 🙂

Folks, it was just great! I am looking forward to the next visit in May. You can already register for Applying Kanban on 22-23 May 2017 and Improving Kanban on 25-26 May 2017 in Johannesburg.

Agile Business Conference 2016, Russia

Agile Business Conference 2016, Moscow

I had the great pleasure of participating at the premiere of the Agile Business Conference in Moscow. A long sold out event with 500 participants can be described as a successful premiere. My talk was about “Enterprise Agility” and I was speaking about how we helped a company with about 80 teams to work in an agile way. The exciting thing was that we had not begun to agilize the teams. This approach is only good for consulting companies, since you have to buy a lot of consultancy fees. We started at the level of top management and limited the number of work throughout the organization with the effect that more work was done faster and this with only minimal consultant costs. Nice!

My session was translated live in Russian and that alone was worth the trip. Sensational experience – you make a joke and one half of the hall starts laughing and five seconds later the other 🙂

The conference took place in the really cool venue “Digital October” and was very well organized from the beginning to the end. I just say that the whole spectacle ended with a whiskey party for all 500 people 🙂 Thanks to the ScrumTrek team for great support!