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Kanban and Flow

The condensed easy-to-follow version for everyone who is completely new to the topic. The 10-min. version.

Kanban basics, less condensed, but a fair amount of basic knowledge.

Blockers are an excellent source for improvement ideas. How to use them as well as how it works and much more is discussed in this post in detail.

Currently a very popular topic within the agile community. Kanban has a simple solution: Kanban is inherently scalable, so “only” more real Kanban is required.

In connection with new methods and procedures, often false assumptions can arise over time. This is also true for Kanban: During talks with customers, we often come into contact with the assumption that Kanban is an instrument to improve the performance of a team. However, it is not, or better said: This is only part of the truth. How Kanban can be embedded into an organization is explained in this post.