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Kanban Change Leadership

About the book

The English version of our book “Kanban in der IT” was published as “Kanban Change Leadership” by Wiley in May 2015. As the name suggests, the book does not focus on Kanban alone. In fact, we only cover Kanban very briefly and focus more on the aspects Change and Leadership. What does it take to lead a Kanban initiative? How do you start? What concrete coaching tools could you use in order to overcome resistance? etc.

We wrote the book with a very clear picture of the reader in mind: anybody who thinks about starting with Kanban or who wants to help others to get started. Coaches, consultants, line managers, project managers, or team members find concrete guidance on how to successfully start with Kanban.

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If you order the book through Wiley’s website, we can offer you a 25% discount by using the promotion code VBJ24. The code is valid until the end of 2015.

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  • Klaus and Sigi’s combination of Change Leadership and Kanban offers valuable insights and techniques for helping organisations rearn and respond to change faster. I have found great success using these approaches over the last year, and highly recommend this book for those in the field.

    Cliff Hazell, Lean/Agile Coach Spotify, Sweden
  • Kanban Change Leadership spells out not only what Kanban is, but why and how it works in high-variation environments. There is deep thinking and real implementation in this impressive book.

    Jim Benson, creator of Personal Kanban CEO of Modus Cooperandi, USA
  • Klaus and Siegfried had done it! As Kanban finally begins to hit the mainstream and the number of new book about it increases finding a new book that actually adds value is a breath of fresh air. In addition to revising the Kanban method in a ver eloquent way, IMHO their main contribution is on the practical side at corporate level regarding the challenges we all confront, either as part of an organization or as consultants helping customers with change and improvement, from the human nature perspective. They knit together those aspects with how Kanban helps pass those hurdles.

    Masa K. Maeda Valueinnova, San Francisco, US
  • The unique strength of this book is combining the necessary background (WHY?) on change with the necessary WHAT and HOW (Kanban).”

    Markus Andrezak, CEO überproduct GmbH, Germany