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Flight Levels Training

Business Agility through Flight Levels

Agile is cool, agile is trendy! Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, MorE or LeSS… Teams are trained up and down so that the company finally becomes agile in the market. However, most of the time NOTHING happens! In this training we get to the heart of the question what it takes for an organization to achieve real business agility.

  • "Awesome learning experience!"

    Marietjie Stapelberg, MMI Group Ltd, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "Continuous englightment!"

    Karen Goosen, Derivco, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "Mindblowing! Now I know, that there is more than "just" simulate data to forecast!"

    Mathias Schröder, Kühne + Nagel, Hamburg, DE
  • "This course provided answers to all of my questions. Awesome! I can't wait to start working with Kanban."

    Nattavit Kamoltham, Exxonmobil Limited, Bangkok, TH
  • "Before the training you think you basically know the method to manage your teams work; you leave the training and start to understand how powerful Kanban is in identifying the right decisions for your whole business."

    Florian Junglas, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, DE
  • Knowledge-busting, mind-bending, exciting, enjoyable, practical, sensible - plain down awesome! A great course to be on!

    Yusuf Desai, Derivco, Durban, ZA
  • "These sessions have opened possibilities and provided keys to open doors in my world! Practical, simple and exciting. Confidence! Thank you!"

    Cecilia Lehmann, Standard Bank, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "Great interaction, plenty learnings - time well spent. High Cost of Delay for anyone!"

    Henk Viljoen, MMI Group Ltd, Johannesburg, ZA

Our Flight Levels Trainings

Until the end of 2019 our Flight Levels Training will be offered in the well-known “old” form. From 2020, this format will be abandoned in favor of the new formats described below to better reflect the different aspects of working with the Flight Levels Model.

Flight Levels Practitioner (FLP)

Our Training Flight Levels Practitioner is aimed at employees in the company who are part of agile transformation and need basic knowledge about flight levels in order to avoid misunderstandings with colleagues who already speak the “Flight Levels Language”. For this reason, we do not offer a public format for this training. Instead, it is only used in-house as part of a Flight Levels introductory tutorial.

Flight Levels Systems Architecture (FLSA)

The Flight Levels Systems Architecture shows which systems (boards) are needed at which levels of an organization, how they are connected and how coordination can work well. This flow can be created for parts of a company or for the entire organization. Flight Items or Flight Routes show from which sources work comes, which destinations the work goes to in a company and how it gets there. This makes responsibilities and dependencies clear – the best prerequisite for navigating the work more efficiently through the system. On the way to Flight Levels Flow, your organization will go through a change process. We will show you how to initiate this process (take-off) and with which tools you can advance it.

Flight Levels Interactions Design (FLID)

The thinking model of the flight levels unfolds its power through interactions between poeple and teams using visualizations of the work. At each flight level different tasks have to be fulfilled, therefore different aspects are in the foreground when designing the boards. Above all, there are no copy templates for these boards, as no two companies are the same. And: These boards are constantly evolving.

Flight Levels Coach (FLC)

A Flight Levels Coach is to be enabled to use Flight Levels to find a way to coordinate the various management methods in a goal-oriented manner and to combine any existing Agile Islands – from Scrum to Design Thinking to SAFe – into a company-wide business agility.

This four-part training series will equip coaches and managers with state-of-the-art models and tools for implementation and enable them to apply concrete practices in their corporate context under the guidance of a flight level guide.

Flight Levels Guide (FLG)

Flight Levels Guide will not guide you through completing trainings. The Flight Levels Academy only admits flight level guides who, in addition to methodological knowledge, have sufficient practical experience and a wealth of hard and soft skills to accompany and guide a company to real business agility using the Flight Levels Model. Therefore, there will be no training for this status at this point. Interested parties are welcome to contact the Flight Levels Academy.

Practical applicability is most important here!

Only topics that have proven themselves in practice are covered in the training. You see how other companies have found their form of business agility and have the chance to apply the concepts to your own context and receive valuable feedback.

Flight Levels Experience Report

Next Training Classes

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2019-11-1132Flight Levels Metrics specialEnglishDüsseldorfDESold out!
2019-11-2722Flight Levels Systems Architecture | FLSAEnglishBangkokTH
2019-12-0222Flight Levels Interactions Design | FLIDEnglishBangkokTH
2019-12-1822Flight LevelsDeutschMünchenDEWaiting list!
2020-01-2022Flight Levels Interactions Design | FLIDDeutschWienAT
2020-01-2232Flight Levels Systems Architecture Management special | FLSA-MDeutschWienAT
2020-01-3022Flight Levels Systems Architecture | FLSADeutschDüsseldorfDE
2020-02-2722Flight Levels Systems Architecture | FLSAEnglishFort Lauderdale/MiramarUSPlease book on our partners website!
2020-03-1222Flight Levels Systems Architecture | FLSADeutschZürichCH
2020-03-3122Flight Levels Systems Achitecture | FLSADeutschFrankfurt a.M.DE
2020-04-0222Flight Levels Interactions Design | FLIDDeutschFrankfurt a.M.DE
2020-04-2722Flight Levels Sytems Architecture | FLSADeutschDüsseldorfDE
2020-04-2921Flight Levels Systems ArchitectureEnglishLondonUKWaiting list!
2020-04-2922Flight Levels Interactions Design | FLIDDeutschDüsseldorfDE

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