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Applying Kanban – KMP I

Kanban in Action! Our two day training, Applying Kanban, takes a deeper look at the hard facts. This substantial foundational training prepares you to immediately deploy Kanban in your organization or to execute a review of your existing Kanban system. We talk about comprehensive visualization, the effects of push versus pull, how to establish a work flow and how Kanban works on different organizational levels of a company. All the exercises are based on real-world examples and are directly applicable for your daily work with Kanban.

  • "Great training! Especially the simulations were really, really, really helpful!"

    Jirach Suthammanas, ExxonMobil Limited, Bangkok, TH
  • "Great content, great trainers, great presented!"

    Terrence Reddy, Momentum, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "Educational, enlightening and empowering!"

    Lizel Moolman, Momentum, Durban, ZA
  • "Excellent training! Start where you are. Visualize, measure and make work slightly better than yesterday."

    Franck Baron, KTAXA Insurance, Bangkok, TH
  • "Awesome course, very interactive and informative. Absolutely coming back for the Advanced course. Thank you Klaus!"

    Douglas Boshoff, Derivco, Durban, ZA
  • "I'll iterate my system and measure it with data and then keep developing!"

    Mina Surathra Aomsap, Predictive Consulting, Bangkok, TH
  • "For a foundation course, I gained a very deep level of understanding."

    Martin Botha, Momentum, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "A really great introduction to seeing processes for what they really are and using common sense to make them powerful!"

    Louise Gardiner, First Principles, Johannesburg, ZA


When just starting off, it’s important to have a solid knowledge of Kanban basics. In Applying Kanban, you will work intensively with the foundations which are necessary for an efficient and goal-oriented implementation. The principles and functionalities of Kanban, as well as the systematic approach to working with Kanban, are our top priority in this training.

Working “Hands-on” with Kanban
For us, it is important to gear the trainings towards practical experience. Theories are presented in a quick and understandable manner so you can immediately start trying them out on concrete problems—preferably your own! Regardless if you are in Product Development, Support, IT Operations, Software or Hardware Development: In this training, you will receive the answers to your specific questions and challenges.

During the training, you have the opportunity to develop a Kanban system within your desired context. In doing so, you incorporate proper visualization, work flow and, naturally, WIP limits. At the same time, you consider which level of your organization would be the best place to start implementing a Kanban system.

Who is the training for?

The KMP Foundation Level 1 training is especially suited for persons with responsibility for projects or departments, who wish to implement Kanban and want support to get started. Applying Kanban is also great as a “fitness check” when questions or uncertainties have arisen during your daily work with an already implemented Kanban system.

You want to know it works and you are coming by yourself? The training covers all the foundations of Lean Kanban and incorporates practical exercises. It’s important to us that you understand the mindset, as well as be able to asses where and how Kanban would fit in your environment. You will be able to utilize the tools you receive from us and target them towards your specific needs.

You have concrete plans and want to employ Kanban in your environment? If this is the case, it’s best if three of you come to the training! With three participants from your area, you become a initial Kanban Change Team and can work within the context of your requirements during the training. You will leave the training with a blueprint for your personal Kanban system.

You are already using Kanban? You started a Kanban system under your own initiative, and now you wonder if the approach was correct? Bring photos and documentation of your Kanban system and we’ll look at them together. During the training, you can review the theories of Kanban and use the exercises, as well as the eyes and ears of the other participants, to examine your implementation. You will leave the training with a (most likely long) “to-do” list for your Kanban system.

Covered topics

  • What is Kanban?
  • Making work visible – visualization
  • Understanding WIP and setting proper WIP limits
  • Pull vs. Push
  • Flow-based work
  • Flight Levels – where does Kanban fit in your company
  • Agile scaling with Kanban – from 5 to 2000 persons
  • Combining Kanban and Scrum or other agile methods
  • Feedback loops  – meetings in Kanban
  • Successful start with Kanban

Training Location: Frankfurt am Main, DE

to be defined

Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Schedule: start time 8:00am - end time 5:00pm

Incl. 1h lunch break and a shorter break in the morning and afternoon.

Trainer: Jose Casal, AKT & EKC

Jose Casal Jose Casal is a business agility consultant with extensive experience in senior roles. He is dedicated to helping organisations and individuals embrace modern management methodologies including Lean Kanban, Agile and collaboration frameworks. Strongly motivated towards self-development, Jose ensures that he continues to learn and research, so that he is best able to help organisations achieve success in their emergence, or improvement, of Agility. His goal is to help create thriving and engaged organisations.

As an experienced Agile coach and trainer Jose has accreditations and certifications covering the full breadth of Agile approaches. He is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), Enterprise Kanban Coach (EKC), certified AgilePM® Trainer, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Professional Scrum Master (PSM III) and Innovation Games Collaboration Instructor.

Audience: managers, CIO, department managers, line managers, team leaders, project managers, technical leaders, engineers

The ’Applying Kanban’ Foundation Level training is designed for professionals, who are in charge of process optimization, business performance or project management or anyone with interest in organization performance improvements.

Certification: LKU - KMP I Training

LKU – KMP I Training – it’s your first stepping stone towards your Kanban Management Professional designation

Language: English

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Take 3 pay 2!
€ 1326,- excl. VAT.
Price per participant for 3 bookings from one organisation

€ 1990,- excl. VAT.
1 participant*

*We recommend the participation of several people form your organisation to faciliate joint reflection on the internal implementation of Kanban in your company and to facilitate transfer of what has been learned. This increases the overall impact and the sustainability of the training and thus the value of your investment.