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Flight Levels Metrics Special

Agile is cool, agile is trendy! Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, MorE or LeSS… Teams are trained up and down so that the company finally becomes agile in the market. However, most of the time NOTHING happens! In this training we get to the heart of the question what it takes for an organization to achieve real business agility. And you’ll get even more: Troy Magennis is going to join us in this training and we’ll do a deep dive into metrics.

1 Participant: €2990,- excl. VAT
3 Participants: €1993,- pP excl. VAT

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  • "Kanban at its best!"

    Lukas Schmidt, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, DE
  • "Great training! Especially the simulations were really, really, really helpful!"

    Jirach Suthammanas, ExxonMobil Limited, Bangkok, TH
  • "I came with some working knowledge of Kanban yet Klaus managed to add deeper layers of understanding for me. And this is just the foundation class!"

    Jeff Au, MYOB, Kuala Lumpur, MY
  • "Great interaction, plenty learnings - time well spent. High Cost of Delay for anyone!"

    Henk Viljoen, MMI Group Ltd, Johannesburg, ZA
  • "This course provided answers to all of my questions. Awesome! I can't wait to start working with Kanban."

    Nattavit Kamoltham, Exxonmobil Limited, Bangkok, TH
  • "Great! This training sets the base and certainty to start running a changing system!"

    Matthias Schröder, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Hamburg, DE
  • "Very useful training where I can apply the knowledge immediately. And Klaus is an excellent instructor!"

    Praweena Sriprayoonsakul, ExxonMobil Limited, Bangkok, TH
  • Knowledge-busting, mind-bending, exciting, enjoyable, practical, sensible - plain down awesome! A great course to be on!

    Yusuf Desai, Derivco, Durban, ZA

The training for the book

The aim of this training is to transfer the contents of the bestseller Rethinking Agile by Klaus Leopold into practice. We will work on selected case studies from different industries and implement the contents of the book step by step. Find out what you need to do so that your company does not sink money into agile frameworks, but can achieve real business agility in a very lean way.


  • Team agility vs. business agility
  • Case study of business agility
  • Create the architecture of systems
  • Setting strategic objectives
  • Operationalize strategic objectives
  • Understanding Flight Level architectures
  • Createing Flight Level architectures
  • Designing information flows and communication flows
  • Roll-out and take-off

Practical applicability is what matters most! 

Only topics that have proven their practical value are covered in the training. You see how other companies have mastered business agility and you get the chance to apply the concepts to your own context and receive valuable feedback.


It’s not about breeding high performance teams. We need systems that allow teams to perform better.


The best leverage is to ensure that the right team is working on the right job at the right time.


Instead of screwing general frameworks into companies, Flight Levels are about the best solution for your organization.


It’s not about delivering a lot that nobody needs. It is about delivering what produces the greatest result.

Am I right in this training?

  • Your company is in an agile transition, teams are already working with agile methods, but success is waiting.
  • Agility is a declared goal in your company and you want to know how to approach it successfully and cost-effectively.
  • You’re not a fan of framework religions, agile marketing posters and standard mash recipes but want a customized approach for your organization.
  • You want to break through the agile team boundaries and achieve agility for your entire organization.

Target group and prerequisites 

  • The training is clearly directed at middle management and senior management as well as experienced agile coaches.
  • We assume a sound knowledge of agile working methods or modern management systems.
  • Knowledge of the working methods of organisations with 50 - 5000 employees is needed.

Metrics Special

Whilst there is a lot written about the metrics and tools for Flight Level 1 (the team level), there is scant metric and tooling advice for the higher levels of strategy and multiple team dependency co-ordination. The Flight Levels Metrics Special training helps plan what data and decision-making aids are needed to successfully manage all three Flight Levels. We will discover and prioritize outcomes for each Flight Level and then design what data and insights help achieve those outcomes in a meaningful way. You will get an understanding and a plan for what data to capture, how to present that data, and how to measure the impact of improvement at all three flight levels.

Organizational Details

Training Location: Düsseldorf, DE

to be defined Düsseldorf, DE 

Time: 9:00-17:00

We have a one hour lunch break as well as breaks in the morning and afternoon. Lunch and snacks are of course included in the training price.

Trainer: Klaus Leopold & Troy Magennis

Dr. Klaus Leopold is computer scientist and Kanban pioneer with many years of experience in helping organizations from different industries on their improvement journey with Lean and Kanban. He is author of the book Practical Kanban and co-author of the book "Kanban Change Leadership”. Klaus is one of the first Lean Kanban trainers and coaches worldwide. He was awarded with the Brickell Key Award for “outstanding achievement and leadership” within the Lean Kanban community in San Francisco, 2014. His main interest is establishing lean business agility by improving organizations beyond the team level, especially in large environments from 50 to 5000 people. Klaus speaks regularly at renowned Lean and Kanban conferences worldwide. He publishes his current thoughts on his blog www.LEANability.com and you can follow him on Twitter at @klausleopold.

Troy Magennis has been involved with technology companies since 1994, fulfilling roles from QA through to VP for multinational companies. Troy speaks at many Agile conferences and has played an Agile training and mentoring role for executives in small and large organizations. Previous clients include: Walmart, Microsoft, Skype, Sabre Airline Solutions, Siemens Healthcare.Troy currently consults and trains organizations wanting to improve decision making on software portfolio and project questions through Agile and Lean thinking and tools. Applying Scrum and Lean techniques appropriately and where they are going to make this biggest benefit through quantitative rigor.Troy has many books and articles on software development and practices, his most recent is “Forecasting and Simulating Software Development Projects: Effective Modeling of Kanban & Scrum Projects using Monte Carlo Simulation”.


All participants receive a “Certificate of Completion”.

Language: English

We speak English in the training.

Take 3 pay 2!
€ 1.993,- excl. VAT.
Price per participant for 3 bookings from one organisation.

€ 2990,- excl. VAT
1 participant*

* We recommend the participation of multiple people from your organization in the training in order to enable joint reflection on the internal use and to facilitate the transfer of the experienced training contents. This increases the efficiency and sustainability of the training and thus the value of your investment.

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