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Lean Business Agility E008: Practical Kanban, Chapter 1

In this episode I’m talking about my new book “Practical Kanban. From Team Focus to Creating Value” which is a translation of the German book “Kanban in der Praxis”. I decided to self-publish the book on Leanpub and I will release it chapter by chapter. The translation work is basically done and it’s only illustrations missing.

The book is based on my practical experience and it tries to give you answers to the following questions:

  • Are we using Kanban properly?
  • How can we improve our Kanban?
  • How can we scale our Kanban?
  • How can our work become more predictable?
  • What should we work on next?

Chapter 1 is already released and the highlights are the written instructions for the ship building experiment and the explanation of the reworked Flight Levels – it’s only 3 anymore 😉

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Lean Business Agility E004: Metrics and Dashboards with Troy Magennis

Troy Magennis, numbers cruncher and Chief Nerd Officer is my guest in this episode of Lean Business Agility. We are talking about what numbers to capture, how important it is to not optimize for only one number if you want to prevent sub optimization, and how to measure quality.

You can download the mentioned spreadsheets from Troy’s website.

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