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Agile at Scale – Reality is complex, don’t expect simple solutions

I really liked the episode “Agile at Scale – Reality is complex, don’t expect simple solutions” of the bol.com Techlab Podcast. Peter Brouwers discusses with Jorien Brangert and Hessel de Gelder about their 10-year journey to make the company agile. At the start there were seven Scrum teams and today 150 teams work with each other in an agil way. A challenge not to be neglected is the coordination of the agile teams but also the area of tension between alignment and autonomy. This episode also tells you how the Flight Levels at bol.com help to address these challenges. So, listen in!

TWiG now available in Spanish and Thai

TWiG – The WiP Game is now available in 9 languages! You can now download a Spanish and a Thai Version. We are really happy that our community is very much proactive in translating TWiG. This time our thanks go to

Basically I don’t understand anything in both languages but I really like the beautiful Thai script!

You can find TWiG in all available languages here.

Have fun playing it!

Agile Book Club: Podcast about “Rethinking Agile”

Being the first one is – in many cases – really nice. In this case it is also a big honor: Paul Klipp and Justyna Pindel have brought the “Agile Book Club” into being. Each month, Paul and Justyna discuss a book that focuses on agile topics. They talk about the most important messages of the book, what they have liked and which questions may have been left unanswered. And right in the first episode they talk about “Rethinking Agile”. Many thanks, Paul and Justyna, that my book was the opener of your Podcast-series!

Have fun listening to it, and I suggest that you immediately subscribe to the “Agile Book Club” because many interesting episodes will follow.


Flight Levels Medium Size in the eXpander Podcast

The flight levels are not wallpaper that you can simply stick over any company and everything will be fine. Recently I was a guest in the video podcast of Mathias Tölken, who, together with his business partner, specialized in the IT management of small and medium-sized companies and founded the eXuviate network. Many SMEs are now beginning to engage in agile work. Mathias and I therefore talked about what “Do not start by making teams agile” means for these companies. Flight Level 2 is of particular importance – it is at this level that middle management, which is very often the initiator of agile work in SMEs, can make the most difference.