Lean Business Agility E026: Medical Device Development, Flight Levels and Scrum

Klaus Leopold
Experience Report, Videoblog

In this episode I talk to Thomas van der Burg about the development and application of custom-built test methods and equipment for medical devices in a Pharmaceutical Company. Thomas reports how the department has managed to dramatically reduce the lead time on their now almost five-year journey to an agile way of working. They achieved this by using Kanban on higher Flight Levels in addition to local team optimization through Scrum. This makes sure that the right teams are working on the most valuable product at the right time. This improvement supports that medical devices can be brought to market much earlier.

Thomas is a department leader in a global pharmaceutical company. He and his team work as Expert Service Provider in the medical device field. Thomas uses agile Hardware Development as well as agile Portfolio Management using Kanban for several years. He has also experience in agile Leadership and leading Change in Agile Transformations – in a conservative and highly regulated environment. He blogs on empowering.team

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