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Do you focus on the right thing?

It strikes me that it is totally important for most companies that their staff is working. “Yes, I’m working on it” is the answer you want to hear. To be honest, I would get totally worried if I heard from people all the time that they were “working on it”. Working is far too expensive! I don’t want them to work, I want them to deliver!

The idea that working is a good thing is so deeply anchored in us that we align our actions accordingly. What is usually prioritized? Right, what is to be worked on. Wouldn’t it be smarter to look at the board from back to front and prioritize what we will deliver next and not what to work on? And what do people often talk about at stand-up meetings? Right again: What did I work on yesterday and what will I work on today? Isn’t that weird? Shouldn’t we rather ask ourselves what was delivered yesterday and what will we deliver today? As a customer, I don’t care what anyone is working on.

Working costs money, delivering makes money.


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Klaus Leopold

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