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First anniversary of “Practical Kanban”

I know, I’m a bit late. The German version of “Practical Kanban” was already released in November 2016. But that doesn’t change the fact that the first year of my second book was full of motivating and – I have to admit – flattering feedback and reviews. It took another year to translate the book into English but that’s also done now and the feedback from the English speaking community is just as overwhelming. My intention for this book was to open the eyes of Kanban practitioners to typical traps in which I have seen so many initiatives getting caught. And on the other hand I just couldn’t stand it anymore when yet another one wanted to plug “that new agile team method” into an organization.

The writing, reviewing and releasing of this book took a bit longer than I had planned but in hindsight I think it was released at the right moment – people were ready to hear the message. I don’t want to praise myself too much but it seems that I really contributed to turning the focus from teams to creating value. That was only possible because I had and have the privilege to work with so many people who are open to really changing – or rather improving – things and from whom I am learning a lot every day. Current consulting requests show me that something is changing in the way how Kanban is understood. It seems that the Flight Level Model has really made clear to many that in order to find the most effective trigger, value streams should be examined on different levels of an organization.

Still more books to come

Since a little more than a year now I am travelling the world with my talk about “Lean Business Agility” which continues where “Practical Kanban” has ended. More than once people told me after my talk: “You were talking about my company!” So it seems that another book is due and what a coincidence: the work on this book has already started.

In the meanwhile, the third – German – edition of “Kanban in der IT” (English edition: “Kanban Change Leadership”) will be out 15th January 2018. And if you are still in need of “Practical Kanban”: Besides the download on Leanpub, the English version is now also available as Kindle Edition and paperback on Amazon.

Klaus Leopold

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