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Troy Magennis in Vienna: A metrics training with some Kanban

Troy Magennis is my Chief Executive Hero, I just have to call him that way. He’s one of the nicest people I know and a fantastic partner for trainings as well. On December 4 and 5 we had actually planned to give an „Improving Kanban“ training together for the first time with a bit more input concerning metrics and forecasting. But as soon as we asked the participants on the first day about what they were expecting it was all clear: It would be metrics, metrics, and finally metrics. So we adjusted the training on the fly to deliver this added value to our dear participants. It has been a good idea because out of this training-pilot a pilot-training was born. Troy and I will further develop the format and will prospectively offer it in Seattle and San Diego next year.

Coaching Teams with Data

On the 6th of December Troy also gave a talk on „Data Driven Coaching for Agile Teams“ at the Lean & Agile Coffee in Vienna. It was a celebration for Excel-enthusiasts because Troy showed how a few regularly collected datapoints like team-polls with a capability matrix and timestamps at the beginning and end of a work – can lead to better team constellations and processes. The art, of course, lies in telling relevant stories with the data instead of headlessly collecting data just for the sake of it. If you can show developments and reference points (what should be better/differently in comparison to what?) you can diminish fears within a team that always come along with terms like “measuring” and “data”. A set of few but meaningful metrics concerning quality, responsiveness, productivity and predictability should be the goal and most important: The results should be seen as the system’s performance not as the performance of individuals.

The Lean & Agile Coffee was hosted at Raiffeisen Bank International. A big THANK YOU once more to Christian Biegler for his support! Even at short notice he always organizes something great. Thanks very much for the room, the delicious wine and the chocolate Krampusses!

Tip: Troy is offering a lot of useful tools for free on his website

Klaus Leopold

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