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LEANability in China

We are back from China! This week I had the pleasure of performing a Kanban workshop for 50 managers in Suzhou. And I have to say, it was sensational! This was my first trip to China and I was constantly being positively surprised. The introduction was very relaxed with building paper boats and the energy of the room was increasing by the second. For those of you who have done the flow experiment with me in the past, you know that process throughput is somewhere between 4 and 6 boats. This time one out of four rows had a throughput of 9 boats a minute. New record! The debriefing took place at an extremely high level with many interesting questions and discussions. Even the theoretical part was heatedly discussed and the participants squeezed every last drop of Kanban out of me. That is the way I like it!!

Of course, I made a little time for some sightseeing and enjoyed the many facades of China’s culinary arts. And what Mr. Bösel (Josef Hader) discovered in the movie India, much to his dismay, is really true: “They finish with the soup!!” So much for the understanding of cultures ?

I am already excited about the prospect of going back to Suzhou at the beginning of March.

Klaus Leopold

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